My legs wouldn’t move

I woke up the next morning after the long run and didn’t feel bad. I mean yes there were little aches and pains but nothing terrible. I got ready to go for the recovery. I started to run and my legs wouldn’t move– I mean the knee hurt the calves hurt. I pushed on but … Continue reading

Uh Oh

The week following the Run for the Fallen was fine.  My recovery went run went well, three glorious miles that felt a little stiff but good. That Wednesday I decided to work on speed and did a great speed workout. I was running as fast as I have ever run and it felt great. I … Continue reading

Run for the Fallen

A  few weeks ago on July 28 I ran 2 segments of the CT Run for the Fallen an annual “ultra” run where a kilometer is run for each of the service members lost in Iraq or Afghanistan. I decided to do segments 2 and 3 a total of just about 13 miles. A great … Continue reading

Olympic Inspiration

The Olympics have begun! I love the Olympics. I love everything about them, the opening ceremony, the parade of athletes from all over the world, the intense competition and the moving medal podium. It is stirring to watch as the medals are handed out and the flags are raised and  the gold medal winner’s national … Continue reading

Complete not Compete

Today was long run day. The distance 13 miles.   So far I have done this distance.  I am no pro but I can do this distance. The group was much smaller today. Out of a total of 40 people who are in the program there were maybe 15 today. I heard people saying this is … Continue reading

I get to drink chocolate milk?

I am learning that part of marathon training requires a lot of reading and research into the science of how to make your body run for THAT long. So I have been reading as much as possible. There is pre-run nutrition and during  the run hydration and fueling. You must have a proper balance of protein and … Continue reading

So far so good.

Sunday long run day.  So far so good. I can still walk and am not feeling too bad. I feel better this week after 12 then last week after 11. Who knows why– So I ahave made a lost of possible reasons. 1– I ran 4 days instead of 5– one more day of relief … Continue reading